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Interplanetary File System - Aggregated Transaction Logger


Interplanetary, Secure, federated, distributed, aggregated, - The Atomic Transaction Logger

The Interplanetary File System, IPFS, is a loosely coupled federated data store. With the Goal in mind, "to connect all computers with the same system of files." In-a-nutshell: A file versioning system that is distributed worldwide.

Live Demo (Chrome tested)- The Interplanetary File System


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Atomic Encryption

SHA-256 ECDSA - Atomic Encryption

Someone asked, how long would it take a MacBook Pro to crack SHA-256 ECDSA encryption?

"If this is the case, your MacBook Pro will have dissipated into nothingness as part of the heat death of the universe before it finishes cracking that password." -- Martin Cochran


Live Demo (Chrome tested)- Sign and Verify a Document

ECDSA 256-SHA Document Signature. Digitally Sign a Document and Verify

Verification Success

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